Saturday, May 5, 2012

It Starts . . .

I've arrived at the conclusion that it may be logical to start a blog.

Like the rest of planet Earth, I am on Facebook, but I had an interesting experience that inspired me to create a separate space for longer, more involved writings.

A few days ago I wrote a Facebook note (as I am apt to do from time to time). It took me about 45 minutes to write and it basically summed up my rationale for why everyone - not just commie leftists - but Heaven bound right wingers too, should oppose Amendment One. (Non North Carolinians should know that 'Amendment One' is an amendment appearing on the May 8th ballot that seeks to refuse legal recognition of same sex marriages . . . among other things).

So I bang out this little rant that frames the argument by focusing on the nature of law, and pointing out how any law that curtails freedom is fundamentally un-American. Also how the concept of 'defending marriage' was a huge non-sequitur since institutions and concepts are not people, and therefore are not entitled to seek protection under the law.

My driving point was that it has absolutely nothing to do with accepting, condoning, encouraging or otherwise facilitating homosexuality or any other subjectively disagreeable activity. The issue at hand is liberty. You either believe in it or you don't. You can think your gay neighbor is going to burn in hell all you want, but at the end of the day, if you believe in liberty, you have to support his right to navigate the sin in his own life just like you navigate the sin in yours. That's the short version.

I published the note to my timeline and tagged a few people who I'd heard comment on the topic before. 

Within 72 hours of tagging those people, my note has been shared 250+ times and mostly by people I do not know.

What a compliment! I'm delighted.

One unintended consequence of this mini-viral share chain is that I've been showered with friend requests from lots of people who are apparently interested in hearing more from me. The only problem with that is that these nice folks have had a pretty decent introduction to my writing and I'm afraid if they start hearing me remark about stupid Wilmington traffic, or fire off comments about the Carolina Panthers weakness at the defensive tackle position, they might lose their appetite.

So instead of accepting all those requests and disappointing everyone with how lame and boring I can be, I've created this blog. When I have something of substance to contribute to the general discourse, I will try to post it here, where anyone can see it. That way, only actual 'real world' friends will be forced to suffer through my vapid, pointless status updates.

Basically, there are some people who may be under the impression that I'm cool. I want to keep that deception going as long as possible!

I'm going to concentrate this blog on socio-political commentary, philosophy, media criticism, law, international affairs and intensely private sexual thoughts.

Okay, maybe not that last one.

I  may actually go back through my older Facebook notes and repost them here if there seems to be an interest.

Incidentally, I don't know jack about blogs, so I'm not sure if I'm 'shared' or 'followed' or 'liked' or 'observed' or what, but I do hope you'll click whatever thing enables you to stay updated, and I hope you enjoy reading me.

Thanks All!    GV

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  1. Guy,

    I think the blog is the most perfect venue for you and since I have a great deal of experience with Blogger, can assist with any questions you may have. You can also post these to facebook, twitter and linkedin if you choose to through a facebook app called Networked Blogs. We use this approach with the 103 blogs we manage and write. It will automatically post to your personal page and if you had a business page or other facebook page, along with your twitter page. Then by linking linkedin to your twitter, it will bring twitter posts to linkedin to finish it out.

    People can follow your blog, you can setup a window to have email signup and have feedburner send the blog each day to email addresses, and much more. There are lots of ways to publish the information so it is the most convenient to those who want to receive your wisdom and insight.

    In addition, you can try to monetize the blog once you have loads of traffic on the sidebar or sidebars. You can have different designs and custom graphic designed banners, etc. and more etc.

    I've always loved your writing and this is a perfect place for it. I hope that along with rants that you throw in some rampages of appreciation too!